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Find new exciting crypto projects

Nano is an all-inclusive resource to help discover new, innovative crypto and blockchain startups

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What is Nano?

Built and managed by Ecole Foundation ECL, Nano is a dynamic, yet easy-to-navigate, platform meant to help everyday crypto enthusiasts find quality projects. We engage our users via various activities that seek to reward our community of users via the ECL token.

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Easy account setup

Start evaluating some of the world's most promising crypto projects in just a few easy clicks. Set up a free account in just a few seconds. 

Simple interface

You will never see banner ads on our platform.


We review all crypto projects to ensure that we only list some of the most promising projects for your review.


No hype, no neon banners, no gimmicks. Just great projects backed by great teams.

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Free stuff

Earn free tokens through referrals, promotions, and more.

As part of our learn and earn strategy, we are contantly giving away free tokens. Set up a free account today and be included in all updates, as well as any promitional offers available. 

Stay up to date

Get frequent email notifications about new projects, helpful articles, promotional offers, new features, and so much more.

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