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Connect with the right audience to increase awareness for your crypto project

Exponentially grow your community of token holders and gain actionable intel.

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What is Nano?

Built and managed by Ecole Foundation ECL, Nano is a dynamic, yet easy-to-navigate, platform meant to help everyday crypto enthusiasts find quality projects. We engage our users via various activities that seek to reward our community of users via the ECL token.

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Easy (free) resgistration

Put your project on a pedestal. Our clean, minimalist design is meant to eradicate any on-screen distractions to ensure that our users are focused on learning more about your crypto project. No banners, no shinning neon signs, just your project.

Easily signup for a free account to submit your project for consideration. 

Startup-friendly ads

We understand that as a startup, you may not have the expansive budget to support a large-scale advertising campaign. 

We get that! Our paid ads are meant to work with your budget as you grow. 

We offer the lowest rates in the industry. Quickly extend your reach via promoted listings. 

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Our process

Your success is our success!

We start with a free account. Then you submit your project for review. Once your project is approved. We will buy some of your tokens.

These tokens will be used as incentive rewards for various promotional campaigns we will build aimed at educating our users about your project.


Your listed projects will come with individual dashboards.


From these dashboards, you will be able to access and export details about those of our users who are fans of your project.


Our users have agreed to receive further communication from you regarding your project. Please use this data wisely and do not overdo it. Contact us if you need help in this area.

free token listing exchange

Ready to get started?

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