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A winning process

Our process is meant to help you expose your crypto project to as many potential investors as possible

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Listing your project

It is super easy to list your crypto project. Simply signup for an account then click on "submit" to create a listing.

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Review and invest

The next step will be for us to review your listing and if approved, we will buy some of your tokens. Tokens with which we will create various promotional incentives for users to check out your project.

Go even further. Pay to promote your new crypto listing on our platform. Your promoted app will feature prominently on the home page of the app as well as on the individual pages of similar projects. 

Now that your project is getting attention, wouldn't you like to be able to follow up with the folks who have shown interest in your project? Nano allows you to access contact data for those who have liked your project so you can create your very own marketing campaigns curated for them. 

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