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5 (Best) crypto companies to work for right now!

The overall global job market is as hot as ever, right now. With the U.S unemployment rate dipping to 3.6% - and headed lower. Companies of all sizes and stripes are poised to make available various positions. The same goes for the growing world of web3.

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It's fourth months into 2022, and the market has been slightly sluggish with its ups and downs. So are we in a bull market or a bear market? Not sure. But companies no longer care about market conditions.

The last few months have been bullish for crypto jobs as companies are not slowing down growth. VCs are eager to invest billions into the Web3 space as we see more growth in remote jobs in NFTs and DeFi.

Here are 5 of the hot jobs available right now:

Backend Software Engineer - PHP at DappRadar | Remote

DappRadar is a popular starting point while exploring DApps, with more than 8,000 applications in 20 different protocols. They’re now looking for a backend software engineer with experience in PHP and blockchain.

The ideal candidate should have excellent experience in PHP, and have a background in working with frameworks such as Symfony and blockchain.

Other Jobs at DappRadar:

  • Chief Marketing Officer at DappRadar | Remote | Crypto Jobs List

  • Editor in Chief (REMOTE) at DappRadar

  • Head of Research at DappRadar | Remote | Crypto Jobs List

  • Head of Decentralized Governance / DAO at DappRadar | Remote | Crypto Jobs List

  • Decentralized Applications Specialist at DappRadar | Remote | Crypto Jobs List

Senior Blockchain Software Engineer, Core Ledger, RippleX at Ripple | United States | Crypto Jobs List

RippleX is an accelerator that promotes building new products on Ripple’s XRP Ledger. They help developers and entrepreneurs by providing dev kits, SDKs, tools and more.

RippleX is looking for a senior blockchain software engineer to join their team. You should have experience in backend development and database technologies. RippleX offers various benefits for its employees. It includes a competitive salary, equity and 100% paid medical insurance.

iOS Native Mobile at Web3Auth | Remote

Web3Auth (formerly known as Torus Labs) is looking to hire an iOS native mobile developer. They recently raised $13 million from Sequoia India to build out a frictionless log-in layer for DApps.

The ideal candidate must have at least one year of experience in developing native applications for iOS with a strong understanding of security and an interest in blockchain. The job is fully remote with a competitive salary and equity.

Head of Growth / Growth Hacker at STRIPS Finance | Singapore

STRIPS Finance is a DeFi startup that is a derivatives platform for interest rates. Traders can hedge their risks by trading interest rates offered in various markets with leverage. STRIPS Finance uses Arbitrum, an L2 solution on Ethereum.

They’re now looking for a growth hacker to bring new users to their platform through multiple channels. Some of the requirements include a solid marketing background and an entrepreneurial spirit with an interest in crypto and blockchain.

Head of Business Development at Lisk | Berlin

Lisk is hiring a head of business development to set up a new department. You’ll work with Lightcurve, a blockchain studio based out of Berlin that works closely with the Lisk Foundation.

Responsibilities include setting up a brand new department within the company to implement new business development strategies. The ideal candidate should have a minimum five years of experience in business development and good knowledge of blockchain technology.

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