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Introduce your crypto project to our community

Our advertising tools will help you connect with our community of crypto enthusiasts from around the world.

We are building a community where folks from all walks of life, regardless of their backgrounds, and technical expertise, can participate in the growing world of web3 technology.

Our goal is to provide crypto fans from around the world with ideas as to which crypto projects have the potential to build solutions for everyday problems. Projects with real value, quality teams, and realistic roadmaps to success.

We carefully evaluate submitted projects - either by the project teams themselves or by our community- to ensure that we only list blockchain startups that meet our standards and the overall needs of our community.

We make investments from our balance sheet in most of the projects we list on our platform

Advertise on Nano

Take your project to new heights. Advertise on Nano for Just $5 per day.

We have a unique approach to "advertising" on our platform... Sure, I'll tell you more. We help you connect -in a natural way- with our community of users who are mostly avid crypto enthusiasts from around the world.

We do so by executing a three-dimensional strategy. We seek to tell the full picture about your project to our users, and not to just push your project/token.

For this reason, once your project is approved and listed on our platform, you will be able to create a "promotion". Your token will then be featured prominently on the home page of Nano for all users to see and learn more about your project.


Our team goes to work to help (thoroughly) communicate the idea behind your project, its mission, your team, and other aspects of your organization with our community.

  • We will then create an email campaign introducing your project - in full- to our audience.

  • We will also feature your project on our social media pages 

  • We will buy some of your tokens to distribute/airdrop among our users who hold our Native token ($ECL)  and create contests around your token to help create overall awareness of your project.

Creating a promotion

Currently, only project teams (and the Nano team) are able to create promotions for projects.

Due to popular demand, this will change soon.

Soon, members will be able to create promotions around any project(s) on the platform. We will provide an update once this change is made.

To create a promo, simply:

1. Visit the project page

2. Look for the "promotion" tab on the individual project page.

3. Select how many days you want your promotion to last for and make payment.

Once your promotion is live, we will do the rest.

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