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Move-to-earn apps are big right now. Let's talk about my personal fav.

Move-to-earn, similar to play-to-earn, is a model where users are rewarded in cryptocurrency for their step count.

To say "health tech" is big right now would be an understatement.

As a matter of fact, wellness platforms that go outside the realm of traditional go to the gym 5 days a week routines have become popular over the last decade or so.

I personally witnessed most of the well-known fitness club brands close up shop in my city. There once was a Bally Total Fitness, a ZX Fitness, and a Gold's Gym down the street from my house. Then, seems like overnight, these clubs all closed.

Now, to be fair, these companies -well, most of these fitness brands - did not simply fall off the face of the planet. Most of them just had to shrink their footprint in response to declining (consumer) demand.

COVID changed everything

With the adoption of virtual workout sessions, fitness monitors, advanced workout gear, etc. increasing significantly due to recent pandemic-related lockdowns, Almost every major tech outfit has in some way dipped its toe into the connected wellness arena. Technology has taken on an outsized role in our collective fitness story.

Google has its whole ecosystem of fitness apps. I use the Google Fit app for my daily runs. Firms like Pelaton and Apple are all in on this growing space.

Fitness with a side of blockchain

Now, we see the blockchain world taking a crack at health tech. But with a twist, well, in most cases. There is a growing pay-to-move trend in the blockchain world with my favorite app being the STEP mobile app.

An Overview of the STEP app.

The STEP app makes it easy to get fit and earn crypto at the same time! It’s like a gym membership that pays you back for every step you take.

The app tracks your steps with our mobile app and pays out in cryptocurrency based on how many steps the user takes on a daily basis.

Getting started with STEP


Download the Step tracker app from the Play Store or

from App Store.


Buy Step tokens and store them in your wallet


Easily sync your new STEP app with your favorite fitness tracker. The app works best with Google Fit. Be sure to input the wallet address where your STEP tokens are kept into the step app.

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