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NFTs for a cause: Supporting Vegan businesses through digital art.

The #AstralGiraffes NFT collection is meant to serve as a conduit between fans of unique digital art and African-based vegan businesses struggling to access the funding needed to grow their businesses.

We support ventures with local traction and a global vision.

Africa has 17% of the global population, yet receives less than 1% of venture funding. Entrepreneurs currently lack access to capital to grow their businesses, and Africa is the most profitable region in the world to invest.

Projections from analysts like Bloomberg Intelligence show that the global vegan food market will to grow over 500% by 2030. We want to empower African eco-ventures to thrive in this time by helping them expand and become globally competitive.

Own an eco-friendly NFT with utility and impact.

Buying an Astral Giraffes NFT supports African artists, entrepreneurs, and giraffe conservation. Each NFT from the genesis collection is redeemable for a gift basket of sustainable African-made vegan products beginning in 2023.

Companies who create these products receive investment from NFT sales! Priority for who receives these gift basket shipments will go to those who hold the most Astral Giraffes or those who invest the most into our collection.

Each Astral Giraffe will also give the holder some voting rights in the Astral Giraffes DAO. Join our Discord to learn more and get involved.

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