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No charts, no prices, no hype, just projects!

This is the basic idea behind Nano. As an organization, we felt, and still feel that folks tend to keep what they buy if they know and love what they buy.

As we all, as a global community, find ourselves in a constant state of fear and worry these days, it is worth, I think, focusing on the things that take priority in our lives.

The stuff that gets us out of bed in the morning. The things that are going well. The things that carry long-term strategic value to us.

For crypto fans, the last few weeks have been especially tough. I know folks that have panic-sold most, if not their entire portfolios.

As an organization, we mostly buy tokens to use as rewards on our platform. To help drive engagement on the part of our community members, but naturally, we also hold some long-term positions as well.

We do find that, we are most confident in any particular projects' long-term prospects - even in tough times - when we understand the vision, mission, see the intrinsic value in what the team is trying to build.

We often try to engage the team in conversations to help us understand what they are trying to accomplish.

Zoom has been a huge game-changer in this area.

NFT for Books

One of my current favorites is NFTBooks. This is a project that seeks to connect readers and independent authors through the power of NFTs (non-fungible tokens)

Over the last year or so, I have had many conversations with the team behind this unique project.

I purchased some tokens in this project for our organization simply because I understood that if they - the NFTBS team- could pull this off, this would be a project with real value and the potential to grow. And since I myself am a published author, I could recognize the utilitarian nature of the project in real-time.

I have been a long-term holder through the ups and downs of the market.

Meet Nano

We decided to build the Nano platform as a way to share our philosophies with our community and the rest of the world.

The basic premise is to find and get to know startups using blockchain technology to solve real-world problems.

We set out to skip all the elements in the space we feel, in our humble opinion, will ultimately, inadvertently constrain the general adoption of the space.

No banner ads

You will never see banner ads or any type of display ads on our platform. We will only introduce, through partnerships, real projects that we are familiar with, or that have demonstrable reputations.

We are not in the hype/pump business.

Paid partnerships

Data in this image and others used in this article may be for information purposes only and does not seek to communicate any official endorsement by any of the projects/organizations featured.

We seek to work closely with the projects we feature on our platform through various paid partnerships to help introduce them to our users in a very natural way.

Through promotions, educational content, and so on, we will help connect our community of users to the projects underneath the tokens.

No charts, no problem.

We purposely do not show any price information about the projects we list. We do not show "Buy" buttons or links directing users to buy tokens.

No Marketcap or liquidity information on any of the projects we list. There are many sources for such information, should you decide to become a token-holder of any particular project listed on our platform.

Not investment advice

We are not professional investment advisers. Please note that Nano is neither a trading platform nor is it an investment recommendation tool.

Our goal is to bring you quality blockchain startups. We only serve as a source of new ideas, information, etc.

As always, we are not responsible for any adverse outcomes as a result of any investment in the projects we feature on our platform.

We ask that should you decide to invest in any our the projects on our platform, you seek the advice and guidance of a professional investment adviser before doing so.

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