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STEP project set to release NFT collection and much more.

The Step project continues to dominate the move-to-earn crypto space as the associated token $STEP has seen a 500% return over the last few weeks.

A recent chat with the team behind the project revealed many exciting new features down the road for the project.

$STEP in the Metaverse

As it stands now, "Steppers", as the team calls them - Those who hold the token and are rewarded with $BNB based on the number of steps they take a day - can only earn by taking actual steps.

These steps are measured via one's fitness tracker and rewards are based on covering actual distances.

What the team is currently working on is a way to create various movement simulations via its very own virtual reality platform to allow holders to earn via stationary cardio activities such as running on a treadmill and such.

STEP NFT Collection

According to the development team, there are plans to release a whole array of NFTs created around the core values of the STEP project. Any perks associated with buying and holding on to STEP NFTs are yet to be announced.

STEP on the move

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