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The metaverse explained. Well, sort of.

I, for one, envision the metaverse as being the fourth dimension with three other dimensions built on top of it. A realm in which all sorts of activities and applicatory technologies will exist.

There is no question that the metaverse, for better or worse,(and while we are at it, lets through in all things web3), will inevitably become part of our lives… at some point. Yes, all of our lives.

Though most people you talk to will struggle to explain exactly what this second, no, third iteration of the internet entails exactly, we do know that it will have something to do with blockchain technology and its rambunctious progeny, crypto... and oh, The Metaverse.

Most tech CEOs when asked will tell you that simply put, the metaverse is a term meant to broadly describe virtual spaces we will share with others. Spaces that parallel the real world... our real lives.

In the metaverse, shared spaces will not simply cease to exist once we exit them. No, in the metaverse, the spaces we share with others will remain open for others to observe, use, share, augment, and so on.

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