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Propel your crypto project to new heights

Get new fans, new holders, and community members for your blockchain project.

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Promotion of your project

A productive partnership

Having your project listed on the Nano platform is a great way to increase awareness for your crypto project.

This is the first and most important step we take in our process to list and promote new projects. We will buy your tokens.

Out of our own inventory of your token, we will create various incentives meant to put your token in the hands f as many crypto investors as possible. Asking them join your community in exchange for free tokens.

Tracking results

See who your fans are 

From your Nano account, you will be able to see who your fans are and download detailed data about said fans.

Since all users of our platform have agreed to receive promotional messaging from or partner projects, you will be able to power your email marketing with the data you derive from your account.

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First to be seen

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Promote your project

From your account, you will also be able to inexpensively promote your project. Promoted projects will show first on the home page of Nano and also on the individual pages of other projects that share relevance with yours. 

We will also announce the listing of your project on our social media pages, via emails to our users and create various quizzes and games to help educate our users about your project.

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